If you have a problem with large numbers of wasps in your garden or annoying your customers or visitors, Waspbane wasp traps are the answer to your problem.

They are designed to trap effectively large numbers of wasps safely, and are particularly ideal for areas such as pub gardens, hotel gardens, school playgrounds, holiday parks, tourist picnic areas, public gardens, parks, orchards, vineyards and bee farms.

Traditional wasp pots only retain a fraction of the 'scout' wasps which enter them. The escaped 'scout' wasps return to the nest to inform all the other wasps in the nest the location of the sweet bait it has found in the wasp pot! This brings further wasps to the area that there would have been, hence making the problem far worse.

The Waspbane wasp trap kills 100% of the wasps that it catches and you can re-use them year after year simply by just using a new bait chamber. They can be used free standing or hung in a tree. 

Waspbane's unique design and non chemical attractant ensures that ALL the 'scout' wasps are retained in the trap and never get to return to the nest and spread the location of your garden etc to the other wasps. The Waspbane is a huge step forward in nuisance wasp control, and is already in use in public eating and recreation areas by many large public tourist attractions and heritage sites.

We can supply a box of 6 Waspbane traps at a cost of only £138.00 including postage, packing and VAT (UK only).

To purchase a box of 6 Waspbane traps is very simple, please call 01305 251180 or email  Send a cheque in the post for the correct amount, please note we will always offer a discount for the purchase of two or more boxes of wasp traps in a single transaction.

Cheques need to be made payable to Proactive Pest Prevention Ltd and sent to Proactive Pest Prevention Ltd, 18 Syward Close, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 2AL. Please provide your desired delivery address, and upon the clearance of the funds, your Waspbanes will be swiftly dispatched to you. 

A box of 6 replacement disposable collection chambers can also be purchased at a cost of £105.00 including postage, packing and VAT (UK only).

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